BEA/BookCon 2015 Tote Showcase


I want to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone following this humble little blog. Fiction to Fashion started off in 2012 as a way to fangirl over my favorite books and justify my penchant for online shopping. Since then, there’s been so much enthusiasm for this blog, I couldn’t quit it if I tried.

So we’re going to evolve and expand instead! Now and again, Fiction to Fashion will incorporate super-cute and super-literary fashions we’re seeing IRL. From designer spotlights to great street clothes we’ve spotted, we can’t wait to show you Fiction to Fashion 2.0!

To kick us off, I’ve rounded up the best totes I snagged at BEA/BookCon this year. Now working in book publishing means I am typically awash in totes. And working at Quirk Books means my taste in totes is particularly discerning. But these totes were utterly irresistible on the show floor. I had to snag a bag, if only to show you guys.


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