Fiction to Fashion’s Nimona Post


It’s been about a month since I’ve posted a new outfit on Fiction to Fashion, so I wanted to make it a special one. And with source material as fantastic and hilarious as Nimona by Noelle Stevenson, I also wanted to do right by the spunky main character.

Nimona is one of my favorite reads this fall for a number of obvious Julie reasons: Fantasy worlds, magic, plucky humor, jaunty heroes and villains, and a changeling lady that is full of sass. Plus, the author is too cool for school, who also writes and illustrates the series Lumberjanes. And finally, Nimona just also happens to have been edited by my editor, Andrew Harwell! What can I say, he has great taste. 😉


With this outfit, I paid homage to Nimona’s uniform, focusing on an interestingly textured sweater. I also interpreted her arm bracers as leather cuff bracelets. I’m particularly proud of finding these leathery bat wing earrings as a nod to Nimona’s dragon wings. My favorite piece however is the hat. It was tough trying to figure out what to do with Nimona’s hair. I was super pleased to find this orange deerhunter hat, which felt like a subtle tribute to Lumberjanes.

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